Amazing Difference In Coat And Weight

Before taking the Blue Chip Challenge, Jonjo had been ill for some time, had no interest in anything and he seemed to have given up.


Owner, Karen said that she “couldn’t get him past the not eating stages and thought at point we would have to have him euthanized or that we would simply find him dead in his stable in the morning. He was literally wasting away in front of us and we were trying all sorts of supplements, feeding by hand little and often even adding water liquidising and syringe feeding him”.


“We tried the blue chip challenge and…Jonjo has developed into a lovely young horse. When he was ill I had always said I would take him to local county show if he recovered. We made Keith Show and he was 2nd in the 3 year old Sports Horse Class”.

To read Jonjo’s 40-Day Blue Chip Feed Challenge in full and to see how Blue Chip Original helped him, click here.

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