All the Gear, Little Idea and a Borrowed Trailer

On Saturday we braved the elements and took Oscar, one of our ponies at home, to his first pony party. I hasten to add that it was the first time we had been out  (other than farm  rides or cross country) in about 8 years, without professional help, and boy, were we rusty.

First of all, the weather was terrible to say the least. It was sooo cold and there was inch thick black ice at the yard. Normal people would have gone home and got back into bed but we aren’t normal so we soldiered on. We couldn’t get the Freelander and trailer down the driveway to the yard so we had to block the narrow country lane whilst Oscar slipped all the way up the slippery drive towing me along. He seemed quite happy though. We loaded him with no problems and began our hour and a half journey. Once we got off the moors, the roads were easier much to the relief of my mum, and our friend, Michele, who had come along to help and laugh all day.

We got to the venue and couldn’t believe that it wasn’t cold or icy. We felt like we had left Siberia behind! We had, however, completely forgotten the basics of taking a pony to a show.   We parked too near to the trailer next to us so we couldn’t get the side ramp down to walk Oscar out forwards. Instead, he had to reverse off the back of the ramp which didn’t appear to bother him.  We started to tack him up and provided even more entertainment for the whole car park when Oscar shook like a dog and his white numnah and saddle fell off into a puddle. You would have thought it was the first time that we had tacked a pony up.

We laughed and laughed all day. We laughed at ourselves, and laughed with other people at their antics the night before and the things that happened to them and us in the ring.  What we loved was the equality of the day. If you didn’t clear the fence you didn’t win. Everyone was friendly and willing each other on. That is what it should all be about. Our fantastic show pony, Archwood Night Flight came fourth in his first ever showjumping class. We were thrilled and proud. It’s a shame his breeder missed it. She was snowed in in North Wales.

I hope my blog made you smile. I shall remember the day for a very long time. Thank you to Louise for the loan of her trailer, to Michele for coming with us and to my Mum for driving us there.

Happy Christmas

Love Ella xx

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