Ace of Diamonds is The Picture of Health

Ace of Diamonds is a 15hh Irish Piebald Gelding.  I bought Ace as a 4½ year old in November 2004 (after having paid for a 5 stage vetting!), however approx. 3 weeks after getting him I finally managed to borrow a saddle which fitted and when I trotted him in the arena others thought there was something wrong with his back legs – they said it was as if he didn’t quite know what to do with them.


I got my own vet in to check him and unfortunately Ace trotted up lame – the vet said that he would not have carried out the ridden part of a vetting!  The vet said that Ace has spavin.  I had 3 months written warranty from the dealer – this was not worth the paper it was written on!  To cut a long story short Ace remained with me (when he got off Eric Gillie lorry on 5 November 2004 he was mine anyway – couldn’t get the smile off my face).  After discussion with the vet Ace had injections directly into both hocks and we worked on his recovery.  


The vet at that time recommended Blue Chip Dynamic and I have been using this for Ace ever since.  Ace is now approx. 8½ years old and has not had any lame days relating to his spavin / DJD and I do feel that this is due to the Dynamic.  He is definitely the horse for me – he is so gentle and willing to please (most of the time!) and is very good with children (he is used for RDA classes), animals and traffic.  He’s my gorgeous boy and I wouldn’t change him for the world!


My boy is a picture of health with bright eyes and beautiful shiny coat.


Many thanks,

Margery McGowan

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