A Promising Season Ahead for Louise Doherty

Wow – the first few months of the year have flown by!

I’ve been super busy travelling with work but I have still made time for lots of lessons, fitness work and competitions with the boys. It’s amazing how much you can fit into a day when you try!

With Lucas we have been working on both his flatwork and show jumping. We have been out to both Howe Equestrian and the Scottish National Equestrian Centre competing in Cat 1and Cat 2 British Show jumping. We have collected 2 of our 5 85cm double clears to qualify for the National Amateur Championships at Aintree in November. He is a quirky horse who can be absolutely fantastic, but also a little tricky too! This really shows in our dressage performances; we picked up two great marks at Rockrose Equestrian where it felt like he floated around the arena and then two not so great marks at the Scottish National Equestrian Centre the following week when Lucas was convinced there were monsters in every corner! I think this quirkiness is what makes him so fantastic and it’s something I’ll need to get use to!

Corky has had a quieter and equally great start to the year being signed off to go back into work by the team at the Royal Equestrian Dick Vet Hospital in early January after his injury. Over the last 6 weeks we have slowly been building up his fitness and he started his gallop work this weekend which made us both extremely happy! We are back out competing in British Dressage this Saturday with the aim of collecting our PetPlan qualifying sheets at both prelim and novice. We have our first jumping lesson this evening and have 2 hunter trials coming up in March to help us get ready for our first British Eventing in April – it’s all go!

Finally on Friday evening I have something a little different. I’m off to the Horse Scotland Awards as I am the membership secretary for the South East Scotland Dressage Group and we are nominated for Club of the Year – Fingers crossed we do well!

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