A Dream Come True – Amazing Coat & Topline

We have received a feed diary and thank you letter from Amy Eldridge who fed her horse, Pembroke Special Blend, Blue Chip Original for 40-days.


“I just thought I would send a quick email to you to say thank you so much for blue chip. I started using blue chip original in June on my 7 yr old small hunter. He lacked a bit of top line and his temperament was sometimes quite erratic at times. My friend suggested that I try blue chip on him to see if it would make a difference. My goodness what a difference it made, within a few weeks of putting him on it he appeared to have been of more even temperament and a lot easier to ride and handle. His coat is amazing and the top line he has achieved is great. I feel because of blue chip one of my dreams has come true. I decided to enter him for the search for a star series to try my hand at qualifying him. Well we did it!!!! I am off to Birmingham on Thursday to compete in the seib ridden hunter. I am so excited as it was beyond my wildest dreams.


“I have had so many comments on how fantastic Max (Pembroke Special Blend) looks and even his breeder came to see him and could not believe how good he looked.I really think this is all down to blue chip and I will be using it all the time now.


“So travelling up to Birmingham on Thursday I can guarantee blue chip will most definitely be in the lorry with us! And if any one asks where my success is from…….. You guessed it….. I will tell them it’s from blue chip.


“Thank you once again for a wonderful product and to a certain extent making my dream come true”.

A few days later we received another email from Amy;

“I cant believe it!!! I won at Birmingham. It was such a shock. I never expected it in a million years. I can honestly say it was the best experience of my life. I am still and will always be using Blue chip on my horses and thank you once again”.

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