A busy 2013 planned for Nicola and Billy

We have had a rather quiet winter due to rain, snow, ice, wind more snow and rain – I’m sure most riders are in the same position. Today is maybe a sign spring is coming, as we have lovely blue skies and it will be nice to get a Vitamin D hit for a change! Billy is a super trooper though in this weather; rain, sun, wind, rain or ice whatever the weather, Billy lives out 24 hours a day. Vaseline became our lifesaver during the snow to stop the snow packing into his shoes, but otherwise he is more than happy. Just goes to show that a horse who is receiving the correct vitamins, minerals and nutrition from his Blue Chip Pro and Dynamic can easily maintain health and muscle tone throughout any part of the year.

We have been out and about as and when we can, weather permitting ,with dressage and show jumping. The winter has progressed nicely, with Billy’s flat work improving; he is more consistent in his paces now. Before, being a typical TB, all he wanted to do whether walk trot or canter is go fast! I’m hoping the winter flatwork has matured his brain slightly. This has worked hand in hand with our jump training. We have been up to Richard Waygoods’ a few times for some nagging on our jumping. We have decided on a slightly different approach to our landing after the actual fence – Billy will approach the fence well and jump well, but on the landing side it takes me 3 or 4 strides to regain my pre-jump canter. Richard has had me using more voice over the fence as in ‘woah’ to get Billy to react to this rather than a change of aids or tactics after the fence. Billy is a rather sensitive sole and it would upset him to pull him up sharply after the fence like you see some people doing, so we have started to use voice and leg aids at the same time, and this appears to be working.

We’ve had plenty of results unaffiliated dressage, including a recent novice win with 75%. We are planning on doing a few JAS with BE which will be a change from the winter schedule, and also it will be nice to see how Billy reacts to simulated XC fences!

Our first event is Aston le Walls BE 100 Open at the start of March, weather permitting of course, then with a May plan of Houghton Hall CCI* (fingers crossed!)

Aston Le Walls BE 100 2nd March
Aldon BE Novice 15th/16th March
Gatcombe BE Novice 23rd March
Solihull BE Novice 21st April
Withington Manor BE Novice 28th April
Aston Le Walls BE Intermediate 8th to 11th May (day to be confirmed)
Houghton Hall CCI* 23rd to 26th May

If you’re at these events please pop over and say hello, my mobile number is 07872 044811.


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