A Better Life For Laminitics

Designed especially for laminitic or overweight horses and ponies, Lami-Light is low in calories and includes magnesium which aids insulin activity. This gives you peace of mind that your horse is getting all his daily vitamins and minerals without putting on weight. It’s the Slimfast of the horse world! If you suspect your horse has laminitis then you must call the vet immediately. Taking the right action is important to ensure your horse or pony has the best possible chance of a full recovery.

Reap The Benefits

With Blue Chip Lami-Light, the benefits are endless. Not only are you doing your best to keep your horse free from laminitis and at a healthy weight, but you’re providing him with much more than that. Lami-Light contains probiotic, prebiotic and sepiolite clay, all of which help to keep his digestive system healthy. Plus it contains supplements for hoof health and respiration, and Omega 3 and 6 oils for a glossy coat and healthy skin. And with added magnesium, he’ll be calmer and less stressed, too. Perfect for horses and ponies on box rest or with limited turn out. Feed Lami-Light today and notice a difference within 40 days – and let us know how you get on as we really value your feedback. In the meantime, don’t just take our word for it, here’s some feedback from real horse owners.

Hector Was Obese!

“Hector has been allowed to roam over 40 acres of fertilised grass, and as a result he became obese and developed laminitis. Unfortunately he didn’t get the veterinary attention he urgently needed, and as a result he endured much pain and suffering. In fact, when we found him it was feared help had come too late. “Hector, however, had other ideas! He was immediately examined by our vet and started on a course of pain relief and anti-inflammatory medication. We also gradually introduced him to Blue Chip Lami-Light, which he loves! Less than two weeks later, Hector was off medication and was sound. Our vet was astonished by the difference in him and our farrier cannot believe how quickly Hector’s neglected hooves are improving. One month later he became a fun-loving chap who now causes no end of mischief!”

Cathy Griffin, ISPCA (Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

Thank You Blue Chip

“In October 2009 my 11-year-old Connemara, mare was diagnosed with laminitis. She could hardly stand when the vet was called and was in dreadful pain, so we prepared ourselves for the worst. The vets were great. They gave her pain relief and padded her front feet, and she was stabled for around two months. “We’d heard about Blue Chip products and reading some good reports we decided to try Lami-Light. My mare was on the road to recovery by the start of 2010 and was reponding well to treatment. She was brought back Current research shows that horses and ponies who are prone to laminitis should not be starved – they need nutritional support, too. And that’s where Blue Chip Lami-Light can help. promotion For advice on how to help your horse or pony please telephone 0114 2631200 or visit www.bluechipfeed.com into work in March and attended her first dressage event in April. The vets were amazed she had come on so fast. “We have fed her on Lami-light ever since and she is now enjoying a happy lifestyle and is back competing at Novice/ Elementary dressage, sometimes getting over 70 per cent! I never even expected to ride her again. “Her condition is fantastic and her coat and hooves look amazing. Thankfully she can now enjoy life back in the field with other horses. “I can’t thank Blue Chip enough for developing an amazing feed balancer, I always recommend Blue Chip products to others and I believe Poppy’s fast recovery was helped greatly by Blue Chip Lami- Light.”

Abigail Mitchell and Oakwood Spring Poppy.

Laminitis Is Now A Distant Memory

“Molly Mouse hobbled into the National Animal Centre on appalling overgrown hooves having been left for years to endure the agony of laminitis and deformed hooves. She was given Blue Chip Lami-Light and hay, and gradually her hooves returned to normal. Molly Mouse now lives with her foster mum who continues to feed her on Lami-Light and is delighted with the condition of her hooves and her shiny, glossy coat. Laminitis has become a distant memory for this little pony as she kicks up her heels and gallops across her paddock every day!”

Cathy Griffin, ISPCA (Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)


This article  featured in July’s issue of Horse & Rider.

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