8 Reasons Blue Chip Feed Balancers are different!

  1. All our Balancers are Whole Cereal and Molasses Free!
    All Blue Chip Balancers contain no Whole Cereal or Molasses, meaning they are lower in Sugar and Starch than other balancers on the market. Other brand hide their feed  This is really important for horses who have laminitis, gastric ulcers, PPID and similar as they need to have low sugar diets.
  2. Every Balancer Contains a Hoof, Skin and Respiratory Supplement!
    Every Balancer we formulate contains a hoof, skin and coat and respiratory supplement as standard, meaning your horses overall health is being looked after. The ingredients of these are Chelated, meaning they are more easily utilised in the body.
  3. Every balancer contains a Probiotic!
    Including a Probiotic is ideal for digestive health and will aid nutrient absorption, all of our feed balancers contain a Probiotic.
  4. The only company to formulate a balancer specially for Native Ponies!
    Blue Chip Feed formulated the only feed balancer which is specifically designed for native ponies. Blue Chip Original Native Balancer contains ingredients tailored to the needs of natives which promote good mane, tail and feathers and support correct native condition.
  5. Revolutionary 3kg SUPER CONCENTRATED range! 
    Blue Chip Feed are the first company to develop a range of feed balancers which are formulated without non active bulk / binding ingredients meaning that only the good stuff is left over. These super powerful little tubs contain all the nutrition your horses need in as little as 50g! No need to lug around big, heavy bags when everything you need is in one, compact, 3kg tub!
  6. We formulated Turmeric, Black Pepper and Oil into a feed balancer! 
    The first feed balancer in the industry to contain Turmeric, Black Pepper and Oil is the Blue Chip Grass Balancer. The Turmeric is included to support joint health and immune system. Turmeric is renowned for its natural Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant properties.
  7.  We utilise the power of Nucleotides!
    Nucleotides are molecules that make up the structural units of DNA and RNA. Nucleotides are essential to create new cells in the horse’s body and to transport oxygen around the body. They are found in low levels in a horse’s natural diet and are formed by horses’ bodies ‘recycling’ dead cells, however there are great benefits in feeding additional Nucleotides. Essential for Digestion, Nutrient Absorption, Fitness, Stamina and Recovery.
  8. Our Calming Balancer contains a trio of Calming Ingredients!
    Containing a powerful trio of calming ingredients, Magnesium, Chamomile, and L-Tryptophan, the Calming Balancer is the only Feed Balancer with a calmer included to address the complex relationship between Nutrition, Digestion and Spooky / Difficult Behaviour.

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