Using Equine Calmers To Keep Your Horse Calm

There are many different equine calmers on the market and choosing the most effective equine calmer for your horse can be challenging.

Stress in horses can occur when there is a lack of magnesium in the horse, and this is where benefits can be gained from a readily available water-soluble source of magnesium for horses. The horse’s magnesium stores can be quickly depleted during times of stress and this is when feeding a magnesium-based equine calmer can really help. Spring grass is also renowned for being low in magnesium which is why horses and ponies often seem to become more excitable this time of year.

There are a wide range of situations where an equine calmer may be needed and these include;

Horse calmers and weaning

A natural equine calmer can be used on both the mare and foal from two weeks before weaning until they have both have settled.

Horse calmers and travelling

Horses can quickly use up their stores of magnesium when travelling due to stress and the demand on the muscles from balancing whilst moving. ‘Topping’ up their level of magnesium with an equine calmer allows them an adequate supply of magnesium to help them cope with whatever they will be doing when they arrive at their destination.

Horse calmers and mares in season

Some mares can change from ‘little angels’ to ‘devils’ when they are in season. Equine calmers have shown to have a positive effect on their mood and can help keep an even temperament, which is invaluable when competing.

Horse calmers and clipping/ vets/ dentist

Horses getting stressed at the vets, dentists and when being clipped is relatively common. Giving an equine calmer before the event will mean less stress for your horse… and for everyone else involved. Equine calmers can also be invaluable when trimming and pulling manes and tails.

Horse calmers and competing

Many horses or ponies become over excited when competing, especially with the atmosphere of a big show and particularly if they are young or at their first events. Maintaining a horse’s concentration, whilst allowing them to perform to the best of their ability is vital for putting in that winning performance. The use of horse calmers in competition is one of the most common uses of horse calmers. It is important to ensure that the horse calmer that you choose does not contain any of the substances that are banned in equine calmers.

Horse calmers and box rest

Horses can become stressed when on box rest, especially if they were fit & active previously and suddenly find themselves confined to a stable. Feeding an equine calmer can help them to cope with being stabled for long periods. Doing this helps to ensure that they don’t injure themselves or lose excessive weight due to worry and stress.

Equine calmers can be invaluable in many situations. In fact, some equine calmers are safe to use everyday and the dose can be increased for specific situations when and if needed. By using an equine calmer that contains 100% natural ingredients and no banned substances, you can help your horse to keep calm the natural way.

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By Sarah Butler BSC (Hons), Nutrition Advisor, Blue Chip Feed Limited

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