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New Product - Blue Chip Joint Care Feed Balancer

Blue Chip Super Concentrated Joint Care Balancer is a revolutionary new formula containing the natural power of Turmeric, Black Pepper and Oils, alongside Glucosamine, which work to promote healthy joint function and movement.  Designed to maintain great daily health in all horses and ponies.  Combining carefully formulated levels of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, along with a complete hoof and respiratory formula, it also provides a digestive supplement that includes both a probiotic and Nucleotides which aid nutrient absorption, recovery rates and immune response, ensuring your horse or pony has everything they require on a daily basis

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Feeding the Event Horse!

The new eventing season is in full swing, and no doubt there are several dates already pencilled in the calendar for competitions and outings in the months ahead for you and your four legged friend to enjoy. However, in order to make the most of the season ahead and ensure your horse or pony stays happy, sound and healthy, it is very important to nutritionally prepare them for the changes that will occur in their workload and routine. What do we have to consider? Matching your horse or pony’s diet to their workload is primarily based upon supplying the correct level of calories and nutrients they need on a daily basis to maintain the level of condition that you desire,...

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Support Joints - now and always!

Lots of horse owners only begin to feed a Joint Supplement when their horses have already started to display issues. By feeding a joint supplement from an early age, and throughout your horses life, you minimise the risk of wear to your horses joints and help to sustain their health for as long as possible.  Blue Chip have formulated Blue Chip Dynamic Bone and Joint supplement which worka to protect your horses joints on a daily basis.  Blue Chip Dynamic Blue Chip Dynamic contains Glucosamine HCL to support healthy joints, cartilage metabolism and the formation of synovial fluid, lubricating joints and protecting them from daily wear and tear. Dynamic incorporates a bone supplement containing organic manganese, calcium and phosphorus into its...

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