Limited Edition Christmas Feed Balancer has launched!

Blue Chip Christmas Balancer Limited edition

A nutritious delicious Christmas present for your horse that aids digestion and immune function.

Blue Chip Christmas Balancer is a super concentrated feed balancer that can be fed as a winter warming mash with added spices and linseed plus turmeric . Just mix into your feed and add warm water.

This whole cereal and molasses free complete Feed Balancer contains all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your horse or pony needs plus a hoof, coat, skin and respiratory supplement, with probiotics and nucleotides to aid nutrient absorption, recovery rates and immune response.

The colder months are an ideal time to start feeding your horse or pony a feed balancer. Winter usually comes with more time spent in the stable, poor turnout conditions and working on either boggy or frozen ground. The limited edition Christmas balancer is perfect to provide everything your horse or pony needs for a happy healthy Christmas

At a special price of £18.75 for 3kg this will last a pony around 2 months therefore costing as little as 31p per day and a horse 1 month costing 62p per day.

Available in a rodent and water proof tub which is 100% recyclable.