Here's one for the boys - Stallion SPM-20!

Leaders in modern equine nutrition, Blue Chip Feed, joined forces with the UK’s leading stallion semen collection centre, Stallion AI Services, to develop a feed supplement specific to the needs of breeding stallions and have succeeded, bringing to the market after two years of development, Stallion SPM-20; a formulation for fertility, dubbed as the new ‘Equine Viagra’.

Providing a balanced diet is imperative to breeding stallions, not only to ensure fertility levels are kept at an optimum, but also to promote all around health and well-being which is vital when maintaining animals at the top of the breeding game. Stallions differ greatly in their nutritional needs when they are used for breeding, and nutrients such as organic Selenium, L-Carnitine, Yucca, Nucleotides and Antioxidants have been widely researched to assess their beneficial properties in improving stallion fertility.

With this in mind, Blue Chip and Stallion AI Services developed a trial supplement that incorporated all of these active ingredients into a 100% natural formulation to test over a two year study period. Organic Selenium and Vitamin E were deemed vital inclusions in the development of the product as they work in synergy alongside amino acid, L-Carnitine, a promoter of mitochondrial fat metabolism, to improve sperm motility. Nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA and RNA, they are essential in DNA replication, sperm cell reproduction and cell health, which are major factors when considering the viability of the sperm in question.

The Study:

In order to test the success of what Blue Chip hoped would be their new ‘wonder product’, Stallion AI Services fed Stallion SPM-20 to two groups of fertile and sub-fertile stallions over a six month period, collecting and assessing semen samples from each animal for motility (%PLM), velocity and longevity, with the hope of seeing improvement in all three factors.

The Results: Is Stallion SPM-20 the new Equine Viagra?

During the two year study and six month product testing period, the active ingredients in Stallion-SPM 20 have demonstrated an increase in sperm motility by up to 20%, an improvement on sperm velocity by up to 33% and finally, a 24% enhancement on sperm viability, proving it a highly beneficial inclusion to the breeding stallions’ diet.

Fresh, chilled and frozen Artificial Insemination (AI) semen samples were  tested, with improvements seen in all three types on both fertile and sub-fertile stallions; a remarkable result that could change the face of breeding worldwide, should this product be incorporated into the diets of the leading reproductive stallions across all disciplines.

Like all Blue Chip Feed products, Stallion SPM-20 contains only the highest quality ingredients in its formulation and includes organic Zinc, a precursor in the development of the sperm’s protective covering to ensure that the sperm travels safely to the egg in order to promote fertilisation. Other trace elements such as organic Copper, known to have direct links to semen quality and libido, and organic Selenium, which is essential in the production of testosterone, ensuring regular patterns of sexual development and sperm of the highest quality to be produced.

Stallion SPM-20: Proof from the Professionals

If the outstanding results obtained from the study are not proof enough, get your confirmation that Stallion SPM-20 works straight from the experts at Stallion AI Services. Tullis Matson, who worked closely with Blue Chip Feed throughout the study says “At Stallion AI Services, we trialled Stallion SPM-20 on our stallions and found improvement in sperm mobility, velocity and overall viability on both fertile and sub-fertile stallions. We are now recommending that every stallion that comes to us for collection is fed this product.”

Proven results are changing the face of breeding with Blue Chip Feed. For more information on Stallion SPM-20, visit or call 0114 266 6200

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