Feeding For Stallion Fertility

For every stallion owner, increasing and maintaining the fertility rate of the stallion is a constant challenge. Covering a full book of mares can be stressful and a set of best practices are essential to making sure your stallion is performing to the best of his ability.


Here are some top stallion feeding tips that can help to keep your stallion fit.




Top Tips

  • It is important that stallions receive a balanced diet to remain healthy during the covering season as it puts extra stress on their bodies. Feed the stallion specifically for the amount of coverings he is required to do, and therefore his level of work.
  • Stallions can quickly loose condition so it is important to continually re-assess this. Take weekly photographs to assess weight loss or gain and ensure they maintain their condition throughout the breeding season. Ensure your stallion is receiving a good quality source of zinc, copper, selenium, as they have all been found to improve semen quality and libido – very important during the covering season.
  • Ideally your stallion should be fed a low starch, high fibre diet to keep a healthy, efficiently functioning gut. Stallions will still need a minimum of 1.5-2% of their total bodyweight in fibre over a 24 hour period, ideally by providing ad lib forage, such as grass, hay or haylage.
  • Feeding a balanced diet which includes an EU approved probiotic and a prebiotic will help keep your stallion’s digestive system healthy and giving you a settled horse from the inside out.
  • You should treat your stallion as a normal horse as much as possible, turning them out for some time during the day, as regularly as possible. If your stallion is stabled for any length of time, giving them things to amuse and occupy themselves with, will help relieve boredom. For example, providing them with a treat ball filled with low calorie, high fibre nuts or floating apples in their water may help. Also double netting their hay will make it harder for them to gobble up, meaning more time is spent eating during the day – a very natural habit to recreate.

Recommended Blue Chip Products For Stallions

Blue Chip Dynamic

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Blue Chip Pro

Blue Chip Pro has 17% more probiotic than any other feed balancer on the market which has been proven to enable your stallion to double his digestibility of fibre therefore getting twice as much out of the hay or haylage in his diet.  With its nutrient dense vitamin and mineral package incorporating a blood building formula, a hoof supplement and respiratory supplement, Blue Chip Pro will ensure your stallion looks as good at the end of the covering season as he did at the beginning.


If you would like to discuss feeding tips for your stallion in more detail, please contact Blue Chip on 0114 266 6200 or email us on info@bluechipfeed.com


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